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        We offer an industry leading product portfolio for hygienic articles including innovative, printable component films, laminates, and packages providing optimal production, performance, and brand recognition. Our brands include FlexSure, MaxGrab, Touch of Silk, Protect:U and CrystalWrap.

        Packaging Films and Bags

        Our packaging for films and bags include offerings in the personal care, baby wipes, wicketed, and MaxGrab bags.

        Personal Hygiene Films

        Our backsheet, topsheet, elastic componentry, and laminates provide reliable protection in personal hygiene products for people of all ages, helping them maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

        Wipes Packaging

        Wipes Packaging

        High barrier films and laminates keep your wipes moist. Take advantage of the multitude of design options with eye-catching graphics and closure selections of in-house produced rigid closures, re-sealable labels, or zippered pouch formats.