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        Pharmacy Bottles and Vials
        As a global leader in healthcare packaging, we have a complete line of prescription vials. Choose from our stock oval bottles, our Friendly & Safe prescription vials, our PERFECTPak, or our ointment jars. If a custom look or function is what you desire, our design team will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind package for your brand.

        Friendly & Safe Prescription Vials

        Our Friendly & Safe product line is available in a variety of sizes and comes in both clear amber and red clear picture plastic that meets USP “light and tight” standards.  We offer child-resistant and snap caps as matches for all bottles.

        PERFECTPak Prescription Vials

        Our two piece design ranges from eight to 60 dram in size and can be fitted with a child-resistant or snap closure.  This product line is available in clear amber and meets all USP “light and tight” standards along with CPSC Senior Adult Use requirements.