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        Dry Foods

        Bag-In-Box Dry-Foods Barrier Film

        Moisture barrier is a key attribute when determining shelf life for cookie, cracker, and cereal applications. In dry food applications, the increased barrier can extend shelf life or permit down-gauging of existing bag-in-box applications. Our high-barrier HDPE films can improve your package value and product performance.

        We also offer a convenience enhancement called Reliapeel? easy-open peelable seal with a tamper evident white trace. Reliapeel is a proprietary polyolefin sealant and can be added to many of our coextruded films for applications like cereal and snack liners.

        Our films for dry foods are perfect for many product markets, including:

        • Baking Mix
        • Cereal
        • Coffee
        • Cookies
        • Crackers

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